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Bet on Boxing

Key for betting on Boxing is to know what form they are in, their heigh and reach can be of importance.


Popular Bets

Main bet is winner, or then winner by method. Method includes Knock-out (KO), technical Knock-Out (TKO), by anonymous decision or split decision and finally a tie. You can also choose which round a boxer will win in, or if he will go the full distance.


Best sites to bet on Boxing!


Roulette is a classic game, that first appeared in 18th century France. There are basically to classic roulette wheels, French and American. The French wheel has only one zero, while the American has two zeros and thus a higher house edge. Both wheels will have numbers from 0-36, with the American wheel will include a 00. The number sequence varies between both wheels.



The player will bet on the available number 0-36, by placing a number of different bets, see below to receive the corresponding payout. The player can bet even after the dealer has spun the ball up to the point when " No more bets" is announced. Once the ball has landed and stopped in the number slot, the winning number is announced and winning bets are paid out. Casino can have coloured chips that vary between the players, or then the players all bet with value chips and it can then be a bit more difficult to assess who has won.


You can bet:

Straight up-single number, Pay Out (PO):35

Split-2 numbers, PO:17

Street-3 numbers, PO:11

Corner-4 numbers, PO:8

Double Street-6 numbers, PO:5

Trio-3 numbers incl 0, PO:11

Basket-4 numbers incl 0, PO:6

Bet on 1-18 or 19-36, PO:1

Bet on Red or Black, PO:1

Bet on Odd or Even, PO:1

Dozen Bet (1-12, 13-24, 25-36), PO:2

Column Bet-left Column, middle column, right column, PO:2

How to Bet

Place your chip/s on the bet option of your choice, until the dealer announces no more bets. The dealer will then give you any winnings chips. Do not place chips within the sector of the winning number until the dealer has paid out the winning chips.

Best Sites

Most Casinos offer live casino games. There are thought a limited amount of game studios, so you will recognise the studios across different sites.

Recommended Studios


Evolution Gaming

Playtech Studios




Best site





Mayweather-McGregor Fight

By admin | August 13, 2017

We are getting closer to August 25th when the biggest fight of the year will go down in Las Vegas, when Floyd Mayweather will meet Conor McGregor. This is McGregor’s first professional boxing fight, while Mayweather is coming back from retirement with a 49-0 record.   What to Bet All experts are going with Mayweather…

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